LEAGUE (16 and up)


Tuesdays between 7  or 750 pm

Fall:                 Sept  - Nov
Winter:            Nov - Jan
Spring:            Feb - April
Summer:         April - June 

Individual Entry: $160 per person per session + $20 for league shirt (max 10 per team) 
Team Entry: Call for details. Minimum 9 players per team with max 10.

Email Your info to:   or

Alexander Mackenzie High School In Richmond Hill- Enter from back centre doors that face the football field  (North/East Corner Of Major Mackenzie /Trench — Across From York Central Hospital) 

Any concerns re the referees are to be directed to TIM LAURAIN at Let him know the date, time and game you played and your concerns about a particular referee.  2 referees wil be at every game , however due to unforeseen circumstances some games may only have 1 referee.


  • 9 Game schedule includes playoffs. A player must have played at least 1 game   per session to be  eligible for the playoffs.

  • Games will consist of 2/20 minute halves running time with the last minute of the game stop time. Clock also stops at player time outs, technicals and referees time outs

  • Tied scores stay in regular season. In playoffs one overtime- 2 minute with last minute stop time, 2 time outs per game (1 extra time out for overtime),  1 and 1 at 7 fouls and double bonus at 10

  • Default time is 10 minutes using the conveners watch. An exhibition game will be played with league players only

  • 2 technicals in any game  AND players may be asked by the referees to leave the game. Captains and teams are responsible for their own players and fans behaviour. If players or the referees are harassed in any way then the guilty people will be asked to leave. If they refuse to leave, the game will be forfeited and the team will be disqualified until a referees board of reference is held.

  • Any fighting , verbal or physical abuse towards the referees or opponents will result in permanent suspension with no refund.

  • Check schedule every Monday for last minute change.

  • Gyms must be cleared right after the game. Use change rooms to get changed. 

AP 14 7 Rebels vs Falcons
  7 Warriors vs Charbs
  750 Falcons vs DJs
Apr 21 7 Rebels vs DJs
  7 Warriors vs Falcons
  750 Charb vs Huron
Apr 28 7 Rebels vs Huron
  7 Warriors vs DJs
  750 Falcons vs Charbs
May 5 7 Rebels vs Warriors
  7 DJs vs Charbs
  750 Huron vs Falcons
May 12 7 Rebels vs Charbs
Warriors vs Huron
  750 Falcons vs DJs

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